How To Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 With Keyboard (PC USERS)

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a new multi-platform cricket game which provided a significant boost to its company after they released that game.  Unlike EA Cricket 2007 or Ashes Cricket 2009 it requires a gameplay controller for playing.

don badman cricket 14 keyboard

But being the fan of standard keyboard controls, it's tough for someone like me to play with a controller. Rather than this, I should prefer to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 with keyboard. So, to solve this problem, we do some research and finds that you can play DBC 14 with your keyboard.

Note: This trick worked for me. But I don't know it will work for you or not. Because it will depend on your PC and its hardware.

So, let's begin with the main point. Read this guide carefully unless you'll find it difficult to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 with your keyboard. Follow some simple points below.

  1. Firstly, you need x360ce and VJoy to map your keyboard to your game. You can download these from the following links.
  2. This two software comes in an Archive, and you need to extract them. You can use WinRAR or 7Zip for this purpose.
  3. Now extract VJoy & x360ce from that archive and run 'VJoySetup.exe.'
  4. After that copy, all the files present in 'x360ce_Don Bradman Cricket 14' and paste in your game's root folder or where you have installed your game.
  5. Now you should run VJoy & then you need to click on the “Open INI“ icon. Select or click on  “cricket14.ini” from that VJoy folder where you have extracted VJoy. Now, you just need to click on “Enable“.
  6. Open your DBC17 Installation folder & select the “XinputTest.exe“. It must show the status it as Connected.
  7. After that minimize “XinputTest.exe“ app. Don't close it because if you do that, then you'll not be able to use this game with your keyboard.
  8. Open the “x360ce.exe” app from the folder and then minimize the window and then you can start playing your game.
  9. But if it's showing as Not connected in the XInput Test then, You should follow the following step.
  10. Now, go to your C:\Windows\System32\ folder & you need to copy “dinput8.dll” from that folder. After that paste it in your game's root directory, where you’ve installed x360. Replace the file with the copied file from that Windows folder.

Note: If you still face any error then you can post it in the comments. But if it still doesn't work that means your PC is not able to handle that.

Then the possible way to play DBC is, you need to buy a new controller.

IPL Game 2017: Real Cricket™ Premier League APK

You may call it as IPL 2017 game or Real Cricket 17 but who cares. The Cricket fans will be highly awaiting for this game, and Nautilus Mobile has released it. Real Cricket has released these type of games so many times, And this time it's on IPL festival. I call it as a festival because its celebrated and awaited as a festival.

Real Cricket premier league

Real Cricket™ Premier League is a complete cricket game provided to us by Nautilus Moblie. It's a High-Quality game with some unique features in it. Read some of its features from below.

Features Of Real Cricket™ Premier League

Auction Mode: It has a new Auction mode where you can manage your players. You can add the players to your squad by paying. But use your funds with caution because you have limited number of funds to build your team. The players are categorized into various pools such as Batsmen, Bowling, etc. You'll find that first polls have the best players.

Real Cricket premier league auction mode

Note: If you run out of cash during the bidding of players. You can get cash by watching an unskippable video ad.

Teams & Players: This IPL Cricket game is unlicensed for IPL teams you will see that the teams don't have their original names. Like Mumbai Indians have their name as Mumbai Legends.

Real Cricket premier league teams

But the good thing is that the players will have their original names. So, it will provide you a better experience.

Gameplay: Its gameplay is much more like Real Cricket 16. But its gameplay is doing well in their previous versions. If you a master of RC16 then you can easily play this game. Its gameplay is based on it previous version.

New Game Changer: It's a feature which you might not find any cricket game. Now with this feature, you can download Batting, Bowling action and change them which you like.

New Equipment: Suppose you are playing poorly and you don't know what to do or where to bowl. Then you can use new bats or shoes which will improve your performance.

World Cricket Championship 2 Review

WCC 2 is a new cricket game released for Android devices which are free for download on the Google Play store. Its comes with lots of new features, but you have to unlock them by winning the tournaments.

World Cricket Championship 2

So to solve this problem we have posted World Cricket Championship 2 review. Which will help you to play all the tournaments without unlocking them? Below we have done a review on WCC2, and you can read all specifications from below.
Note: If you want to have wcc 2 unlimited coins then you need to download its modified version.

Features - Tournament, Teams, Modes

WCC2 is an Android cricket game which is available on multiple platforms like Windows Phone, iOS. It's probably the most advanced cricket game for android with some unique features. Its unique features make it a must have the game.

World Cricket Championship 2 Modes

Now it has lots of different modes for playing such as practice modes, Quick Play Mode, Blitz Tournament, ODI Series, Indian National Premier League and World Cup Cricket modes, World T20 Cup, etc. If you are using WCC2 mod apk, then you don't need to unlock them. Just download this mod from here and enjoy. Besides these modes, you'll find other modes like Challenge a friend, Missions, Gangs of cricket, etc.

All the teams have been updated with new kits, roster and much more. But it's not a licensed game, so there will be unoriginal player names. But the good thing, i.e., it has an inbuilt editor which allows you to edit everything from player's ability. You can edit his jersey, stats, skills and much more.

GamePlay - Batting, Bowling & Fielding

In this review of World Cricket Championship 2 we would review all items in this game. As we move to gameplay, it has new features. The Artificial Intelligence of bowler allows them to bowl on different pitches, variations, the speed with more accuracy. You'll also observe that when you start hitting shots in one direction only. The A.I of WCC2 CPU fielders will start changing field setting according to the abilities of the player.

Like bowlers, Fielders and batsman are too have new abilities. The A.I of batsman will guide them to hit big sixes. While you find it difficult to hit boundaries, the CPU can quickly clear the ropes.

There was a vast improvement in the fielding area. Now there will be more diving catches, direct hits, more accurate throw, diving fielding and much more.

Graphics - Camera, Animations

The Next Wave Multimedia developers worked really hard for to add over 105+ motion captured animations which make its graphics of High Quality. The World Cricket Championship 2 has a high-quality stadium and player graphics.

World Cricket Championship 2 camera

Its camera has provides two angles for playing. With these, you can see the game behind the batsman and bowler and camera mod. The bowling action is not good as compared to ICC Pro Cricket 2015 but other graphics are decent.

Controls - Classic, Pro

It includes two types of controls. Pro and Classic controls which will enhance your gaming experience. The classic controls are general and easy.

World Cricket Championship 2 controls

But the Pro controls are bit different. The pro controls allow you to play any direction you want to play. To play as a pro, you need to place your right finger in the direction you want to play the shot. If you want to play lofted shot then swipe your finger upwards. And to play down the ground shot swipe your finger downwards. To get best of your shot do better timing.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Download For PC, XBox & PS4

Don Bradman Cricket 17 is the latest cricket game available for PC, Xbox, and PS4. It was developed by Big Ant Studios and was released on 16 December 2016 for XBox and PS4. But it was made public later for Microsoft Windows on 16 January 2016. It was a sequel to their previous version which gains huge success and was recognized as one of the best cricket game ever created.
Like its earlier version, it's an unlicensed game and relies on the community created or patched content to provide the best cricket gaming experience. Unlike its previous version, there will be a dedicated community who has been on the mission for creating ultimate cricketing superstars.

Like it's the previous version there are no licensed players. So, you will find that the players don't have their real names and faces. But don't need to be panic there will be a dedicated community to provide all this stuff.

Features Of DBC 17:

There will be not lots of new features. It will have slightly new improvements and bug fixed. Below we shared a list of features in the Don Bradman Cricket 17.

Career Mode

Don Bradman cricket 17 carrier mode

This will be one of the featured option gameplay modes in the DBC 17 was the career mode. It has frequently been updated with new functions.

DBC 17 career mode will help you to play as a rookie or as a Pro. You can turn to pro when you become a master of this game. Otherwise, choose to play as a rookie because it's hard & challenging gameplay will be difficult for you.

Women's Players Included

dbc 17 female players

For the first-time ever in a cricket game, it includes women's squads. All the women's players will like to be originals. And features in all modes. It will empower women's gaming world also. DBC 17 has officially announced that there will be women's players also in this version of the game. So both men and females can play this game. Also, it will help the girls to have more interest towards cricket.

Bowling Improvements

There's a vast improvement in the bowling function as compared to their previous version. You can now bowl a cricket ball more effectively. Now, the edges will be more familiar and take wickets will be simple. But it lacks improvements in other areas.

Bowling is little complicated in this version. If you are a master of this game only then you can play with consistency. When we are bowling, it's very hard to bowl on a length. We even bowl those deliveries which can reach third slip. But you can bowl many deliveries like inswing yorkers, doosra, etc.

Spin bowling is little easier than the Fast bowling. If you are an experienced player, then you can stem the run flow.

New Academy

The new academy feature will not only allow editing for the Umpires or community added players but now for teams Kit Bags, bats and Stadiums also.
With this new Academy feature, you can easily edit your team's logos, kits, players bats and stadiums. The stadium editing function will be the best of those because one can select and start editing stadiums with their own local grounds of their choice.

Fielding Improvements

The fielding has now been improved a lot as compared to the earlier version of their game. There will be reflex catches that put the pressure on and are simple to learn. But the biggest problem remains the same as in the older version, i.e., stop quick singles and the reaction time of wicket-keeper during the run out chances.

Final Words

We can say that there's a solid improvement in this version as compared to its predecessor. But there were some bugs in this game. There are not vast improvements but enough to satisfied its users for the new versions also. It will be a must buy a game for its users. After that, you must think to download Don Bradman Cricket 17 toady and enjoy.

Download IPL Cricket Games For PC and Android

There's not so much time left for the new VIVO IPL 2017 have people have been awaiting this tournament so gladly. Every IPL fan wants to enjoy it by viewing and playing ipl cricket games. But, sadly no game has so far been made for the previous version of IPL. But this year you can download the best ipl cricket 2017 game for free. And below you can check my list for Best IPL Games.

1. Stick Cricket Premier League

ipl cricket games

One of the best and most classic ipl cricket game. In this game, you can build your teams and can do a lot of other things also. But still, it needs some improvement in graphics, but overall it's a beautiful game.
Download this game now from Google Play store.

2. Gujarat Loins T20 Cricket Game

ipl cricket games

A game made mainly to promote Gujarat Loins team and was released by Zapak Mobile game. This is an HQ game loaded entirely with new features. It requires Android 4.0 or above for its startup. Zapak Mobile updated its version regularly

3. IPL Cricket Fever 2013

ipl cricket games

This game was released in 2013 version of Pepsi IPL where it got a great success with HD graphics and gameplay. It was my favorite until Real Cricket 14. This ipl cricket game was developed by India Games and was the official game of that tournament.

ipl cricket games

This game was released in 2015 edition of the ipl. It has decent graphics and gameplay. It's a non-official game but still acceptable.

5. Battle Of Chepauk

ipl cricket games

This game was officially developed to promote Chennai Super Kings. It has 3D Textures and HQ gameplay. At this time this game supports only batting, but we hope that they will develop the bowling feature in this game too.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Game Download

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Game is the most awaited game across all the platforms. This game brings the most fascinating cricket gaming experience to their users. The cricket world cup is played between all the top teams in the world and was dominated by the Australian cricket team.

The best thing is that it has been released for all the platforms like Android, Windows, Flash. You can play this game online or can download this game to play it offline. The online version of this game has not yet been released, but you can play their previous version.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Game for Android

icc pro cricket 2015

This game has been officially released by ICC and can be easily available on Google Play store. This game has 14 teams in it and has over 150 players. This game is officially named as "ICC Pro Cricket 2015" with some extraordinary features.

Basic Information

Author: Indiagames Ltd.
Latest Version: 1.0.161
Publish Date: 2017-02-15
Android: 4.0 or Above
Get It From:

PSL Cricket Games 2017 Download

I think the Pakistani fans will be waiting for the release of this PSL cricket games 2016. This is a high-quality game presented by us to you. This game will be published in the beginning of the tournament. This game is available both for PC and Android users.

psl cricket games 2017 download

PC Users: The PC users who want to play this PSL cricket games on their PCs will have to install a patch. It will customize your game like a real one. Then it will have real PSL fixtures and players. Then you'll able to play real tournament.

Features Of this PSL Cricket Games 2016 For PC

  1. All the players have their original faces.
  2. There will be HD kits for all the clubs.
  3. All the players have their original names.
  4. All the players use their original bags which they use in real.
  5. All the logos of all teams will be updated.
  6. The stadium's will contains new PSL jukebox.